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It takes often years to develop great character & unfortunately failure is one of the necessary ingredients to your SUCCESS in PROGRESS. I conclude to you that in this internet era, 


Web-utation   matters !

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For every excuse you can come up with on why you can't travel, I can show you how you can!

I have travelled the world on a shoestring budget, literally. Now, let me share with you how I did it. As your "Travel Mentor," 
I will give you weekly tips & strategies that you can use for your next trip; even if you have less than a pay check in which to do it.

Is your money funny but you're not laughing? Whether you are spontaneous or a planner, single or a family, I can help you get there. If you have backed up child support issues and think you have no way to travel abroad, think again. My strategy is almost never looked at as an option, and it is 100% legal. 

It's unfortunate that many people fear their own terrors. In the midst of terrorism we should never be afraid to travel.  While some fears show up in the form of not having enough money, others yield to fears that simply won't allow them to step out of their comfort zone. They never move into the realm of the unknown where the best things in life await.

When you purchase my book, I share my story about what I was doing during 911. I watched the plane fly over my head into the pentagon. I also tell how I almost died in Hurricane Sandy visiting friends and family, and why I believe it was only the grace of God that saved me.



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" We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence (Success) then, is not an act, but a habit".   Aristotle


*What is Success in Progress? *Why are spiritual people some of the poorest people (financially) on the planet? *How did Les Brown inspire me? *Did you know your web address is like real estate nowadays?        


 ED Shultz (MSNBC)


 Russell SImmons
 Lisa Raye
 Nick Cannon
 Daymond John

Jay has a natural knack for networking amongst the stars because he has always shined as one himself. Nick Cannon, Ed Schultz  (MSNBC), Tatyana Ali, Daymond John, Lisa Raye McCoy, Les Brown, Russell Simmons, FM 98 Radio station in Detroit to name a few in picture slide show. See how many celebrities you can name? Webutation

    "How to Travel on a Shoestring" in 2013 is a hit!

 - Cheap is good but free is better & I got tons of both crammed inside this little book of goodies! I do the hours of research so you don't have to. Whether its a spontaneous voyage or planning with the family, you will find all sort of low budget solutions that will get you where you are trying to go without paying top dollar and in some cases free. There is an exception to every rule and I have found them just so I can share them with you.


                                                                              - Jay Danzie



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