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Think and grow rich- Napoleon Hill
DO you- Russell Simmons
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success- Deepok Chopra
The Power of Now- Ekhart Tolle
Rich dad Poor dad- Robert Kiyosaki
The Power of the Middleman - Jay Danzie
Seven Habits of Highly Effective People- Stephen Covey

Live your dreams- Les Brown
Tony Robbins-
Make your first million- Brian Tracy
The Power of Concentration-Theron Q. Dumont
The Kabballah of Money- Nilton Bonder
As a man thinketh- James Allen
How to win friends and influence people- Dale Carnegie
The Power of full engagement- Jim Loehr, Tony Schwartz


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*Does slavery still exist under a different title... "Monogomy"?

*Why is Defense in marriage so important?

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 Changing my status to... "Open Relationship"



Changing my status to... "OPEN RELATIONSHIP"

- By Jay Danzie

It has been suggested that a Diamond is a girl’s best friend. That statement alone may just be one of the most significant statements to ever be made in the history of the world concerning women. There is probably an estimated 90% or more of women who are influenced to get married as a result of receiving a beautiful diamond as a gift or should I say a down-payment for her love. Depending on the size of it, for some it means how much my man loves me and for others it’s simply status quo. Some women may not be money motivated but if the rock on her finger is too small, her companion to be could have a problem. He definitely doesn’t want everybody making jokes about how little his love is for her based on the stone size.  Men and women can both be cruel as hell you know. Instead he should desire to see her smile every time she looks at her hand. When guys approach her she wants to be able to flip it out like an American Express Black card and flash away all the stray dogs in the vicinity.

In most cases the man gets down on one knee to show respect and reverence and uses the element of surprise to propose. Will you marry me, he asks in his own unique way? A moment of silence and a wave of shock enter the room and Bammm, it hits her! She is swept up in an unexpected emotional frenzy as her adrenalin starts racing and like a deer caught in headlights, she gasp for her next breath. Suddenly, without thought, she decides to make a verbal lifelong agreement initiated by a one word answer… she says emphatically “Yes”!!! She responds with tears in her eyes as she can’t believe the moment she has patiently waited for has finally come! The man uses this ring as a tool to symbolically represent his ownership of his beautiful new life partner/ best friend and ultimate “social prize”. The new wife becomes his most valuable piece of property (MVP) and without discussion in the back of his mind, he has purchased an always ready and should be willing “sex slave” a.k.a. pussy on demand (p.o.d.). You may not like that innuendo but I assure you that men of all cultures and religions have thought it, even if they were smart enough to know not to say it.

This book will be the source that gives it to you straight when most people do not want to express things in an honest way. If men and women would stop trying to protect each other’s feeling so much and keep it real then a whole lot of expectations in marriage wouldn't be raised therefore ultimately ending up in divorce. It’s the games and facades that people play which hurt like hell. Some of it came from your mama and/or your grandmother saying things in moments of frustration like ‘’I can’t take y’all anywhere with me because y’all don’t know how to act’’. Every African American family has heard that before while being groomed to be award winning actors and actresses outside of the house. It’s not only black people but all races and nationality's have done it. I do believe some things that are spoken should have tact when delivered and rightfully so but then some things should be unfiltered. All thoughts that are unexpressed can leave room for people to fill in the blanks and create their own stories in their mind of delusions and conclusions. This is the very first place where you will definitely want to prevent misunderstandings from happening every chance you get.

However, it’s funny how a diamond ring can represent something totally unique to a woman. When she thinks about marriage vows, she hears the words protect and provide screaming out loudly. If she’s a Christian, her expectations are for her husband to love her like Christ loved the church but does a man even truly know what that entails? He knows what it means to himself but a woman's interpretation could be astoundingly different, especially once she sees that poor demonstration of love that he attempts to interpret to her the best way that he knows how. After all, miscommunications happen far more often than you would probably expect.

Nevertheless she is focused on her knight in shining armor who has come to rescue her from those endless miserable weeks of loneliness and a life that has enslaved her with bills coming to a screeching halt. The days of struggle are over. Finally she has a dependable, responsible mate who will consider her before everyone and everything else when after all, the man has got to take care of her for sickness and in health, for better and for worse. Let's just say that if some financial calamity should ever happen then she can’t be expected to be understanding for very long before she flips out. Surely she has an expiration date in her head that she hasn’t spoken verbally. I mean a male companion with no income had better just be a temporary setback because her tolerance level for a poor, broke ass lover is woven deep into her feelings is a no-no. The sad part is that no one knows the hour that she will hit her breaking point except her emotions.


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If and when he loses his livelihood she can gather up an unsurmountable ammount of fear therefore becoming frightened and devastated at the thoughts of uncertainty. Men had better become sensitive to this inner scream as an infant before it surfaces as a full grown adult known as wrath. She doesn’t want to look like a gold digger but a man is a fool to not think that his personality and worth isn’t boosted by his connection to his finances. After all his money literally becomes an extension of himself. She inevitably wants a teammate, just like the average man does but how the two of them go about making it happen could be the difference in happily ever after or hating the fact that they even met, altogether.

 This silent contract that they both kept in their inner most private mental compartments has never been fully expressed in detail therefore the imagination begins to take on a life of its own. Sure little bits and pieces come out in dating but not enough of the puzzle is shown to prevent destructive types of fruit from growing that often comes from not having a significant amount of time spent together. The proper preparation needed for the new situation to grow itself into full fledge maturity isn't quite there yet. The last thing anyone needs to come crawling in between your marital vows is an imagination running rampant with fictitious stories that we’ve make up in our minds. Every perfect marriage or relationship is just one misunderstanding away from causing a permanent separation. Once anger and resentment lights the flame of divorce it’s very hard to put out. Therefore couples must  prevent it from happening if possible and if it's unavoidable you have better had a good plan for damage control.

If you really think about it, proposing to a woman is ultimately the worst type of contract ever agreed upon in the history of the world in my opinion. Two people have mutually decided to give up the only life they've known (singleness) in exchange for a life agreeing to join in a holy matrimony with another human being for as long as you’re living this life you have here on earth. Really? Do you fully understanding what you’re about to commit to? This isn’t like a lease, or is it? Forget about whatever other possibilities that may potentially be headed our way in the future. If we should so happen to meet other single, eligible millionaires after we take a vow & say I do, then we both are going to have to ignore the possibility of any possible permiscuous involvement. Divert any indecent proposals away and continue our course of love in faith with one another. Those other dreams & alternate futures are forfeited! That’s starting to sound more and more like somebody in this relationship is getting the short end of the stick. It just may be the woman who has regrets is the one who didn’t try the dick out before she said yes. I mean nobody ever waits until after marriage for sex these days to try the goods out anymore, do they? I knew one person and it ended up in an annulment and she said she would never get married again without test driving the ride first.

Young people don’t even have a clue of all the wonderful opportunities that may come their way. Marriage can be like playing ”Let’s make a deal” and being shown one gift, but then you decided to settle down when you could’ve went for what was behind door number 3. Foolishness! It may have only been a bag of lemons  behind door #1 but your mind continues to haunt and taunt you over and over about your ex boyfriends and girlfriends and all of those wonderful job possibilities. You discover that in real life door's 2 & 3 usually don’t come until years later after you’re wiser and more stable. This alone is where the beginning of sorrow and temptation show up. It comes disguised in the form of “what if’s”? You quickly cast those negative imaginations down and begin to think positive even though your whole life has been negatively impacted from subliminal conditioning. Now that’s funny as hell!

Nevertheless the fairy tale begins from a significant moment in time where a piece of jewelry, known as a ring, attached to your heart by way of a tiny string called commitment  is now used to co hearse your new exclusive sex partner into bed for the rest of their lives until death did them part; or at least until the marriage falls apart. Whichever one comes first, right? All the sex without condemnation of sinning sounds good in the beginning. When you’re young and naive, racing down the aisle to have a family, kids and sex is a beautiful thought, huh?
That’s why mama always told her daughter to keep the diamond in case of emergency as a form of trading collateral. In the attempt that anything ever happens where she becomes stranded or abandoned, it is that raw precious stone that is recognized all over the world that  can be used to barter her way out of almost any predicament. Therefore diamonds serve us two-folds. It is both a marriage initiator and emergency collateral.

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