Top 10 reasons to marry a woman with at least 2 kids

1. Be a Role Model

*If you are the type of person who likes for people to look up to you, then children are so innocent that even Hitler can persuade them to follow them unfortunately. The flip side is if you’re a good person than you can shine in the lives of innocent ones and be a light for them. They can have a healthy positive example in which they now can live their lives.

2. Leader of your own crew
*Nothing feels better than a man to feel missed and/or wanted. Children happen to be natural followers, therefore you wouldn’t want to miss making a huge impression at the cub scout meeting. When you suggest an idea, they will usually co-sign with your idea which will give you courage to carry it out & execute it more successfully.

3. Repair your “Player’s” reputation
*People seem to both sympathize & encourage a man taking on the challenge of fatherhood. When a man steps up to the plate, its good. When a man steps up to the plate for a woman and her children, fathers them and takes care of them, you are now in super hero status. All you have to do is be consistent from that point forward. Even when you make a mistake if its not too serious, people will be forgiving to you and when love is planted as a seed, it will always show up to rescue you.

4. “In House” Worker Bees
*How frustrating is it to start a project and not have the help you need to finish. My mamma was good for showing us examples of how to relax as she looked at the remote, which was about 3 feet away from the TV. She would call me and my sister all the way out of the basement, while interrupting what I felt like was an important game of tag (in my elementary school years), just to come all the way upstairs and pass it to her. Some parents make their children slave over them by making the kids give them massages etc. When the kids get older, you can make them baby sit, wait for the cable man to come, and work the family business for peanuts. I guess slavery does still exist. Sheeesh. 

5. Helps you to mature
*You are now forced to be cognoscente that you are influencing those innocent ones minds around you at all times. They see and mimic everything you do with a microscopic lens. Fighting becomes a last option instead of a first. Walking away and ignoring some one stupid is now placed in your lap so you can demonstrate exactly how walking away makes you a bigger man. Now you realize manners are really helpful in conflict resolution. I mean when you step on someones feet then you can possibly escape a serious fight, simply with a sincere apologetic “I’m Sorry or I apologize” You truly are the bigger person to walk away from a destructive interaction that could possibly hurt someone or get you hurt or worse than that, you could be escaping the headache of being behind bars and/or court cost.

6. Drives your desire to make more money
*Something about knowing that you have to produce for your family or starve will absolutely stir up any dormant creative juices. It will make you bust your tail when your back is up against the wall. There was even a survey that says most millionaires have at least 3 kids in the household. If you want to be motivated, try having 3 or more hungry mouths to feed in your home and they are all depending on you to provide.

7. Cultivates a finer giver within
*If you want to learn how to be less selfish, then marry a woman with lots of kids. You wont be able to say no for long without being looked at as the villain. Just like people will sympathize with you for stepping up to the plate and taking care of kids that you didn’t birth, those same people will crucify you when you do not show compassion & concern for others especially the children. you wont be around long before your heart moistens up for those puppy dog eyes staring at you with a need. Even if its just their hearts desire saying please, it will drive you crazy to not do everything in your power not to at least make the attempt to get it for them. 

8. Cures loneliness
* If you ever need company and hate a quiet house, by all means find a woman with children. I promise you that you will never have to worry about that again. I remember when I was a kid, I searched high and low for a monopoly partner. I couldn’t wait to claim my throne as Uno and Connect Four King. Something about wanting to play two square melted my soul. Well I am older now and guess what? People still have desires to be around others. That’s why we go to the movie theaters. Its the interactions with others that we need to survive. Fellowship is a must and now that I am older I just do different things like Dance. Sometimes a house is not a home, when there’s no one sitting there. Sometimes just the presence of knowing and feeling someone else’s energy in the next room is enough to make us feel comfortable. 

9. Built in sports teams
*When you have 5 kids you have a basketball team, when you have 9 you can have your own baseball team. You have motivation. Not only that but it can give you time off to relax. While your presence will be needed and missed when your not around, they will not suffer from loneliness. You have given yourself an escape by giving them siblings to step in on your behalf.

10. Win more fights
*Its no secret that many, not all, battles are won in the presence of the side with the greatest numbers. You can utilize the crew (the more kids the better) as an intimidation factor to ward off unwanted predators. To out number competition means to be deemed favorable in not only diplomatic voting situations and probably win family fights as well. Most of the time, just because your crew is so big, people will pass on the fight option. Why take an ass whooping when all you have to do is show up in numbers and the other side backs down. ijs

Conclusion: A “Ready Made Family” does have many benefits.

While the truth of the matter is that everyone doesn’t want a “Ready Made” Family but there are many benefits for those who do. When we remove restrictions and embrace the challenges, then its the triumphant experiences that we reap. When we embrace our inner fears about raising a family, we then open ourselves up to all kinds of endless possibilities. When you mix this with love you will always create fun, cherished, memorable moments, never to be erased that will live on in the hearts others, forever.

– Jay Danzie